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About Me

I am an Empowerment Coach & Guidance Counsellor, specialising in; Meditation, Tarot Reading, Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching (

I am a bitcoin and crypto coach (and YouTuber), and have a business, The Crypto Ethic, which is all about community, learning and healing our relationship to money



I am also a heart facilitator and advisor for a number of organisations seeking to empower women and communities across the world.


I have an antique jewellery business (running for over 12 years) - linked to my distant past in which I was focussed on environmental and sustainability work.

I hold a Masters (with Distinction) in International Environmental Law and I am currently working hard to write a book about the state of the environment and the ways in which we can work towards a more protected and sustainable future. 

This website is a way of consolidating all my work.

If you would like to contact me please use:

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