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About Me

I am an Empowerment Coach & Guidance Counsellor, specialising in; Meditation, Tarot Reading, Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching (

I am a bitcoin and crypto coach (and YouTuber), and have a business, The Crypto Ethic, which is all about community, learning and healing our relationship to money



I am also a heart facilitator and advisor for a number of organisations seeking to empower women and communities across the world.


I have an antique jewellery business (running for over 12 years) - linked to my distant past in which I was focussed on environmental and sustainability work.

I hold a Masters (with Distinction) in International Environmental Law and I am currently working hard to write a book about the state of the environment and the ways in which we can work towards a more protected and sustainable future. 

This website is a way of consolidating all my work.

If you would like to contact me please use:


For years I have been driven, pushed by the same drive that everyone has who feel compelled to a particular vocation, whether that’s art, politics, theatre or charity work. And we are in the exact place we have spent our attention getting ourselves to. Our lives are constantly made up of choices that lead us to a particular place, job, life. That is driven by us. So I am redirecting my attention back to my drive.


To know what we need, in order to value ourselves, our communities and our world.

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