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We need fast, immediate action to create strong, lasting change.

With a long history in academia and employment in the environmental sector I have finally found a clearer answer of how we can create a better world for the future.

So I have created a podcast to address the issues of our society and look at the solutions, as well as go deeper, beyond the intellectual rationalism and the physical, to the realms where dreams form, hope is found and the impossible resides.


So in essence:


We will be delving into solutions to the problems we face.

We will be seeking deeper insights into the hidden nature of our world

And we will be hearing stories from individuals with extraordinary realities.




About me:

I hold a Masters in International Environmental Law, for which I received the highest award - Distinction. I have been employed as a legal analyst and expert for a sustainable consultancy company, I have been general manager of an environmental and community-based charity, own an ethical jewellery business, I am the ethical ambassador for UK adventure group: Love Her Wild, and I am also a qualified holistic healer and meditation teacher.

Published Episodes:


1. Introduction/Pilot:    The Nature of Reality 

@2019 by Tansy Baigent