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Children's Stories

Dream-Weaver Series

I use meditation, rhyme and journeying as a foundation to create children's stories to help with sleep, dreaming, creativity and imagination.

Dreams of The Forest

There’s a beautiful wood-land we can journey to

It’s far closer than you think and it’s waiting for you…


Come follow me now. I’ll show you the way

It’s just at the crossing where night turns to day.


Leave the bustling rustling of trundling cars

Leave the tamed and the sane and the neatly cut grass


It’s time to go to the forests of a-far

Come with me now… to where the wild things are...



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*Please note that all material contained within these pages is the authors' own. The copying or recording of any part or whole of the material is strictly prohibited unless done so with the authors express permission. If you wish to use any of this material please use the contact form below

Northern Lights
Dreams of a Magical Land

Coming soon...

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