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We need swift action to create strong, lasting change.

With a long history in academia and employment in the environmental sector I have finally found a clearer answer of how we can create a better world for the future.


I am writing a book that will explore the current issues we face and then set out a strong argument for the strengthening of global environmental protection.


I will argue for the need to take back the environment from the destructive practises of commercialism, and discuss the need for truly representative governments who are able to defend the rights and needs of the people


It is possible to create a system which protects the future of people and planet, but it requires people to stand up for change and reform. This book will set out the process needed for achieving global environmental protection.


I hold a Masters in International Environmental Law, for which I received the highest award - Distinction. I have been employed as a legal analyst and expert for a sustainable consultancy company, I have been general manager of an environmental and community-based charity, own an ethical jewellery business and am the ethical ambassador for UK adventure group: Love Her Wild.


I have the expertise needed to write this book and to help define the framework for a sustainable and ethical future.

DRAFT CHAPTERS:    Coming Soon...

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