Find the Place inside you where nothing is impossible
Deepak Chopra

This site is a consolidation of my work and the passions of my life. 

Separated into the holistic trinity of mind, body and spirit I explore the future of the World, our responsibility and our ability to achieve sustainability; the importance of nutrition, health and activity; and the healing serenity of mindfulness and well-being.


We are entering a time of great change and uncertainty and in response my focus throughout these pages will be in the promotion of a coordinated effort to address the environmental challenges that we face and the ways in which we can carve out a path to a sustainable future.


It is not about seeking a solution to every problem, but finding a cure for the cause


'This Wyrd World' Podcast


This Wyrd World is a podcast created and recorded by Tansy Baigent - which seeks to explore the solutions, gain greater insight, and hear stories from people with interesting realities  in order to better understand reality and how through exploration we can come to know ourselves better and in so doing design the plans for a brighter, more inclusive and sustainable World; where humans live in harmony with the planet rather than in defiance.


Episodes recorded so far:


1. Introduction/Pilot: The nature of reality   



Tansy is currently working on a book (with a projected completion date of September 2o20).

In this book she asks if it is possible to create a system which protects the future of people and planet. And if so what it will take.


Tansy argues that solutions are available but they will require people to stand up for change and reform. This book will set out a potential process for achieving global environmental protection.

Tansy will also explore the ways in which our bodies and the Earth are interrelated and that there is a need to create a clean and healthy environment by starting with ourselves. 

Finally she will examine the meaning of life, our united connection as humans and the unsolvable truths. She will show how living in the present with love, joy and hope will help to alleviate the pressures of a changing World.



LUPE is an ethical antique and second hand jewellery company selling fine gold and luxury gemstone pieces.

We choose to see the business of fashion differently, believing that through reuse, recycling and restoring we can continue to enjoy beautiful pieces while helping to create a sustainable future.

Each piece is unique. Sourced and curated by founder and Company Director Tansy Baigent. 

Tansy has worked in the fine jewellery industry for over 12 years, and wholly in antique for a decade. She is able to provide verbal valuations and gold/diamond assessments.


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