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Healer, Therapist, Coach


I am a Counsellor, Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer, Self Empowerment Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. All of my work is directed toward affecting real and powerful healing and change. To bring you into your power, into alignment, and into good and lasting health.

How I work is dynamic and deeply relational, intuitive and emotive. I am not your traditional counsellor. I seek to go deep, to support, to hold, to advise, to guide you and, if desired to look beneath the veil for what is holding you back, or causing a lack of trust in your life.



Tansy Alexandra is the name under which I provide all my healing and wellbeing offerings.

All of my work is directed toward affecting real and powerful healing and change in your life. To create a safe and sacred space from which you can rise into your power, and embody love.


Bitcoin & Crypto Coach

Heart-Centred Facilitator

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As a Heart Facilitator I support in holding space for communities, organisations and groups in order to guide them into a place of leading (and living) from the heart.

As we move forward each day we can choose to walk into uncertainty or doubt, or step into possibility, hope and love.

Acceptance is key to letting go of the past.

Appreciation is key to living in the present.

Possibility is key to welcoming in the future.

Using my expertise as a meditation guide and space holder I can support groups in grounding into the present and stepping into possibility and potential (individual and collective).



The Crypto Ethic is a safe space to learn about Bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and money.


It is ideally tailored to women, and we have built a beautiful and supportive community.


The essential aspect of The Crypto Ethic is supporting women in healing their relationship to money and value, and encouraging them to take back ownership of money and their own power.


We offer a number of one to one coaching sessions, classes, courses, programs and events.

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LUPE is an ethical antique and second hand jewellery company selling fine gold and luxury gemstone pieces.

We choose to see the business of fashion differently, believing that through reuse, recycling and restoring we can continue to enjoy beautiful pieces while helping to create a sustainable future.

Each piece is unique. Sourced and curated by founder and Company Director Tansy Baigent. 

Tansy has worked in the fine jewellery industry for over 12 years, and wholly in antique for a decade. She is able to provide verbal valuations and gold/diamond assessments.


Product Photographer & Jewelry Advisor 


I have worked with antique jewellery for over 12 years and can advise on repairs, bespoke designs, engagement ring (and bespoke sourcing), and offer informal jewellery valuations.

I have expertise in product photography, particularly of jewellery (this image is an example of my work). I create the complete image from photography, through editing to sending the final completed product shots.

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Devon, England 

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