It has taken me a long time to take the leap to create a website to promote my work, and it hasn't been an easy decision. I like to hide behind my brands & let them do the talking, however I have come to accept that I am not one brand, one person, one category... I have never been able to be placed in a box as there is no one thing that defines me or categorises me.

I have lived in a tipi and van, am a Meditation Teacher and Tarot Reader ( yet I also spent 3 years training with the British Army in OTC. I am Director of a thriving jewellery business (, attending fashion shows and styling models, while also training to become a UK Mountain Leader and throwing myself into every adventurous sport I can find, and now currently write 'How To's...' for a female adventurous blog website (Love Her Wild). I further hold a Masters (with Distinction) in International Environmental Law and am writing a book about environmental conspiracies and the necessity of bringing about change in order to protect people and planet, and yet I have also written a series of children's books (currently seeking an illustrator) & manage my fathers' website and work (


This website is a way of consolidating all my work.

@2019 by Tansy Baigent